Regional Alumni Conference (May 4th-6th, 2009), in Skopje, Macedonia

Workshop the Cross Border Disaster e Response organized by MAAA

Alumni Association Spearheads Regional Conference in Cross-Border Disaster Preparation

May 4, 2009 May 4--Ambassador Philip T. Reeker spoke at the opening ceremony of the two-day regional workshop, “Cross-border Disaster eResponse in the eRegion: Interoperability of Information Systems of the Organizations,” jointly sponsored by the Macedonian American Alumni Association (MAAA) and the Slovenian Fulbright Association. The conference was a collaboration among the alumni groups, the Offices of Public Affairs at the US Embassies in Skopje and Ljublijana, the Office of Defense Cooperation, and participants from three countries, two universities, two ministries, several diplomatic missions, many NGOs and governmental agencies, and even a doctor from Vermont who gave a live demonstration of the benefits of telemedicine. Ambassador Reeker praised the selfless devotion of the alumni association members to making their own countries safer through regional cooperation.